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Benefits of a Natural Stone Bathroom Countertop

For decades, natural stone has been regarded as one of the best materials for kitchen and bathrooms. Today we’re going to take a look at the two most popular options for natural stone bathroom countertops, marble and granite, as well as an emerging trend in kitchens and bathrooms, quartz.

Marble: Marble is a metamorphic stone regarded as the most beautiful of all natural stones. Marble is found in natural slabs and is available in an infinite variety of patterns and colors. Because marble is relatively soft and porous, it requires sealing every year or so. 

Granite: Granite is one of the most popular options for countertops because of its durability and the vast variety of color and pattern options. Granite is also anti-bacterial and easy to clean, making it an attractive and practical option for bathroom countertops. The only downside is that granite is especially porous and require more frequent sealing.

Quartz: While not exactly “natural” quartz has become a popular alternative to traditional stone. There are many advantages to quartz countertops that make them so popular. Unlike natural stones, quartz countertops are fabricated in a factory. Because of this, they are far more customisable in appearance compared to natural stones. Quartz countertops require minimal maintenance, are anti-bacterial, and far more durable and stain-resistant compared to marble and granite.

No matter the material, stone countertops are a great investment for any home. Not only are stone countertops elegant and attractive, they retain their value and contributes greatly to the value of your home. Stone Tech has been providing superior quality countertops to customers for over 20 years – and we’re one of the few certified Quartz fabricators in the New Jersey area. With all cutting, polishing and fabricating handled by Stone Tech, you can make getting new Quartz countertops easy and rewarding. To learn more about getting started on your dream countertop, contact us or call 609-960-0788 today.

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