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How to Buy Granite Countertops That Match Your Taste

Although many factors will go into the granite countertops you ultimately install in your kitchen or bathroom – more on this in a future blog – the most important factor is your personal taste! But how, exactly, will your taste apply to these countertops? Read on for some taste tips from the pros at Stone Tech Marble.

1. Do you like dark or light colors?

The color of your granite countertops is perhaps the best place to start. Do you want to go for a bold mahogany or a light gold? Either color will have a significantly different impact on your kitchen’s aesthetics. Don’t forget that the countertops will also need to fit in your kitchen’s overall color scheme.

2. What kind of patterns and vein styles do you like?

While this choice is arguably part of the color choice, it definitely compounds the decisions you need to make. Depending on the kind of granite you choose, you’ll find that the veins, flecks, and other natural features of granite can vary considerably. Whether you choose a countertop with a chaotic or organic pattern or a more smooth and elegant pattern is up to your personal taste!

3. What kind of sinks do you like?

Besides the logical considerations – whether you want to install a under-mount, top-mount, or drop-in sink will impact how your granite is installed – you’ll want to make sure that your sink matches your countertops aesthetically, as well. Talk to a Stone Tech pro for more information on how to best match your sink to your countertops according to your tastes!

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