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Reasons to Install a Granite Outdoor Kitchen this Spring

Enjoy the outdoors in your backyard this Spring with a new Granite Outdoor Kitchen. A granite outdoor kitchen is ideal for New Jersey homes, because of the many advantages a granite countertop provides. Consider having outdoor granite countertops installed to add beauty, durability, and color to your property and outdoor living area. Here are some of the best reasons to install a granite outdoor kitchen this Spring.


Granite is one of the strongest and most durable natural stones available. You can rest assured that your granite outdoor kitchen will not be damaged by wind, rain, snow or even hail. When you choose a granite countertop for your New Jersey home, you can take comfort knowing that it will be around for many years of outdoor cooking and entertaining.

Multiple Unique Additions

There are many ways to personalize your granite outdoor kitchen with these design ideas:

Place a grill next to, or have it built into, the countertop to make meal preparation and serving at barbeques more convenient. You can also add a wood-fired outdoor pizza oven or coal-fired rotisserie for the ultimate cooking experience.

For convenient entertaining, consider adding a mini fridge. Having a mini fridge built into your outdoor kitchen prevents you from having go inside the house, leaving guests unattended.

Adds Style to Any Home

A granite outdoor kitchen can suit any homeowner’s style. StoneTech has more than 5,000 slabs in over 200 colors that will match your planned or existing colors and décor. Granite countertops can also be polished for a high luster, matte for a dull sheen and textured according to your desires. From bright and vivid reds, greens and blues to more natural beiges, tans and cream colors – granite outdoor kitchens can be created in nearly every color imaginable.

To keep your granite outdoor kitchen looking beautiful, be sure to have a regular cleaning routine. Polish your granite countertops about once a week and reseal them every 12 months. During the fall and winter months when you are not using your outdoor kitchen, it is best to cover the granite countertops.

For more information about how StoneTech Marble can help you can enhance your home, contact us today at (609) 984-8818.

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