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Reasons to Update Your Vanity Countertop This Year

At the start of a new year, we often imagine the endless possible ways to change and how they can benefit our lifestyles. For many homeowners, this is the perfect time to tackle home improvement projects and home remodels. If your bathroom is outdated and needs a makeover, consider having a custom countertop installed. Upgrade from a laminate countertop to granite or marble.

Granite is one of the strongest and most attractive natural stones, it has become the material of choice for vanity tops and countertops throughout the home. Granite is an extremely strong material that won’t get scratched or burnt from hot appliances. It is also more hygienic than all other surfaces.

Aside from the elegance and beauty of marble, it offers many other benefits for homeowners. Marble countertops are resistant to stains and scratches when professionally polished. They are easy to clean, using a soft cloth and warm water or a gentle marble cleaner.

Many Color Choices
There are nearly an infinite amount of granite colors and patterns. Color choices can include blacks, golden browns, deep blues, pinks and creams. Marble is available in thousands of different colors and patterns, from clean and elegant whites and beiges to deeper jewel tones such as emerald, crimson and coral. The look of the marble varies from slab to slab,

Custom Decorative Edges
You can customize your granite countertop even more with special decorative edges. While Decorative granite edges are an optional upgrade, the price will go up a little, depending on your style choices and installation size.

Versatile Style
No need to worry about whether marble countertops will clash with your home’s current theme. Marble countertops easily match the existing style and colors of your home. Granite also adds appeal to any style that you can imagine.

Stone Tech can help you decide which vanity countertop material to choose for your next bathroom remodel or upgrade. Contact us today at (609) 984-8818.

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