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Spruce Up Your Bathroom Countertops with Quartz

If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your bathrooms, consider the benefits of having a quartz countertop installed. Quartz is far more superior than other materials and offers beauty and strength which no other type of counter can compare. Among our favorite types of quartz are silestone and pentalquartz.

Silestone is made with a mixture of quartz and other raw materials.. Silestone is great for high traffic areas such as the bathroom, because it is one of the toughest crystals, and it will not scratch easily. There are endless color options for silestone. StoneTech offers over 100 colors and many different types of textures and finishes to complement your personal style. This type of material is durable and stain-resistant. Silestone is also very easy to care for and maintain. Your bathroom countertop will continue to look beautiful with minimal care. Due to its non-porous surface, your silestone bathroom countertop will have low absorption levels, which prevents stains from water, hygiene and beauty products that you typically use in the bathroom.

Pentalquartz is a composite of natural minerals and rocks; mainly Quartz (90-93%) and 7-10% supreme quality polyester resins and pigments. This type of material is also easy to maintain in comparison to other materials. Pentalquartz is long lasting and extremely durable. It is stain resistant, mildew and mold resistant, and scratch and chip resistant. Stone Tech offers a number of different styles of Pentalquartz bathroom countertops. With a variety of colors and texture options, it can transform any bathroom into a unique and stylish space!

Stone Tech has been providing superior quality countertops to customers for over 20 years. If you’re considering having quartz bathroom countertops installed in New Jersey, contact us today at 609-984-8818.

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