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What to Know about Marble Countertops

There are a number of different aspects to know about marble countertops including the two types of finishes as well as how to clean them. The two types of marble countertop finished include:

Honed Finishing: A honed finished countertop is created by sanding the surface so it has a soft finish. This type of finishing is less resistant to scratches however it is also more susceptible to staining.

Polished Finishing: A polished finished countertop will give your countertop a shiny look. This type of countertop will be less resistant to staining however it can be scratched much easier than a honed finished countertop.

One of the benefits of a marble countertop is how easy it is to clean. Warm water and dish soap is a good way to clean your marble countertops. For stains mixing baking soda and water can help you remove any nasty looking stains from your countertop!

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