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Why Use Marble In Your Bathroom?

Using marble throughout the home has many appeals for homeowners – it’s beautiful, long lasting, elegant, and luxurious. For centuries people have been using marble for flooring or countertops in several rooms in the house, including the kitchen and bathroom.

But for homeowners looking to invest in adding marble, why should you use marble in your bathroom compared to other rooms of the house.

Bathrooms Tend To Be Smaller

For many homeowners, buying a large slab of marble to have custom fit to your home can be an investment to the tune of several thousand dollars. However, bathrooms tend to be some of the smaller rooms in the house, making it one of the more affordable rooms to outfit with marble.

Charming Elegance

Marble is an elegant and long-lasting countertop option for your bathroom, whether you choose to use it as a vanity, shower tile, or flooring.  Marble goes well with many styles of bathrooms, including traditional and vintage, and the patterns and colors of marble vary from slab to slab, with many that have dramatic veining and striking colors. Homeowners can choose from many color ranges, including white, black, rose, yellow, gray, green spectrums. There are also a variety of finishes to choose for your marble countertop, including polished, honed and antiqued. Choosing a polished finish offers a shiny and bright exterior. A honed finish for marble provides a soft, matte appearance that can hide minor scratches.

Easy to Clean

Marble countertops make bathroom cleaning a breeze. Most marble surfaces are easy to wipe down and take care of with basic bathroom cleaning products. Marble is also more sanitary in the bathroom than some other countertop materials. You can easily clean your marble bathroom countertops is by using a soft towel and water. For more stubborn clean-ups, a gentle bathroom cleanser will do the job. Stains can be removed in marble countertops by mixing baking soda and water into a paste and leaving overnight.

Strong and Durable

Marble has been known for centuries for its durability. Heat, moisture, and varying temperatures won’t have any affect on your marble bathroom surface. Even a hot hair styling tool will not damage a marble countertop unless left on hot for an extended period of time. Because marble is so resilient, strong and durable, there is no need to replace your bathroom countertops every few years the way you might have to with other countertop materials.

StoneTech is New Jersey’s premier marble bathroom countertop fabricator.  We receive slabs from all over the world and have more than 5,000 patterns in over 200 colors. If you’re considering having marble bathroom countertops installed, contact us today at 609-984-8818.


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