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Natural Stone

Natural Stone Countertops

When considering what sort of countertops to use in the home you’re building or remodeling, Stone Tech has just three words for you: granite kitchen countertops. There are so many benefits of choosing granite kitchen countertops for your New Jersey home – from the cleanliness to the strength. It’s important for you to make a wise investment in your home and Stone Tech understands this. We are also natural stone wholesalers in South Jersey.

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Kitchen Countertops

When you have Stone Tech fabricate granite kitchen countertops for your home, you have peace of mind in knowing that you are making an investment that will save you money. Granite is so strong and durable that it will last far longer than other countertop materials – like Formica and butcher block. You won’t have to worry about replacing the granite every few years and chances are great that your granite kitchen countertops will outlast your kitchen!

Another great thing about granite kitchen countertops is that they can take abuse like no other natural stone available. From hot pans to the edge of a knife – your countertops will not be damaged by normal kitchen ‘abuses.’ With many different finishes available, your granite kitchen countertops will be absolutely liquid-resistant – so no staining! This is one reason why granite kitchen countertops are so popular and desirable in NJ and all over the world.

Bathroom Countertops

Natural Stone comes in colors and pattern variations of all kinds. Stone Tech receives slabs from many different countries. This allows us to give our customers plenty of options with over 5,000 different slabs in more than 200 different colors. The benefits of this range of colors and patterns are huge; you’re able to find wonderful granite bathroom countertops that will coordinate perfectly with any design scheme and existing colors.

Whether you prefer darker, more elegant colors like black, emerald, coffee, and deep red or lighter, more airy colors like beige, white, ivory, or coral – natural stone provides you with just about every color you could ever want. This is one of the reasons why natural stone is so popular – your kitchen & bathroom countertops can effectively reflect your taste and style.

Stone Tech is a family-owned business with over 20 years of experience – and we handle everything under one roof. From the cutting of your slab to polishing and fabricating it, you work with one company – one company that guarantees your satisfaction.

Stone Tech will help you in the right direction regarding your kitchen & bathroom countertops. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 609-984-8818!